Week 21: Goodbye Brazil!

Hello everyone! It was my final week in Brazil and it went by fast. I finished up my internship and started packing up slowly. But I still had two amazing graduation proms of the UFV. The first one was from the medical department where my housemates were graduating from. And I must say, UFV does a pretty amazing job on these graduation parties. I had a great time at the medical department prom and everything looked so beautiful.


There were live performances, great food and drinks and just surrounded by many people who looked amazing all dressed up. Congratulations Livia and Leo on graduating!


The other prom was from the rest of the UFV, which was just huge and just as fancy and beautiful! The music was great, there was lots of food again and it was just a great party with my friends. And also congratulation to all on graduating!



Even though it was raining outside, it was still fun with everyone. I just can’t say enough how awesome these parties were. Even though I am not graduating yet, I wish we had such parties at our university.


I am really going to miss everyone who I have met during my internship in Brazil and while traveling. I made so many great memories here and I will always cherish those. I am sure going to miss the warm weather. There goes my Summer of more than five months since it is freezing in the Netherlands. I am glad I took this chance to go to Brazil and I do wish to come back. It was just an amazing experience and I hope others can see that too and maybe take this chance too to do an internship like me in Brazil. I met just so many Brazilian as well as other international students in Viçosa and outside and being able to experience different cultures like that was just really interesting and great!

For students who are reading my blog and want to do an internship through Biobased Living Lab Brazil, if you have any questions, just message me!

I am happy I was able to do my internship abroad as I planned to do in the beginning, only not knowing where to go. I really liked the project of my internship and enjoyed working on the lab. Brazil is an amazing country and there is just so much to see and to do. Each state, each city has its own characters and that’s what I really liked about Brazil and discovered during my traveling. There are many negative things about Brazil, but I can say there are more positive things too which makes it worth going to Brazil, so don’t let that hold you back not going.

I am currently in Rio de Janeiro and I will fly back tonight to the Netherlands. Thank you for those who followed my blogposts each week and I hope you liked them.


Brasil, muito obrigada por tudo! Até mais! 😉

Week 20: Exploring Rio de Janeiro!

Hello everyone! After enjoying my time in Foz do Iguaçu, I took a plane to Rio de Janeiro. I landed on Santos Dumont which I had never been yet. Anyway, after dropping off my stuff at the hotel and getting changed, I walked to the Copacabana beach which was like 5-10 minutes away so that was great. It was really nice to be at the beach again and just walking through the water to cool down a bit. As many people said to me before, Rio will be very warm in January, yes that was true, but it was still alright.

foto copacabana.jpg

I just explored the area after and had a drink by the beach. In the evening I had nice dinner and then headed back to the hotel earlier since the next days would be an early and long.

foto kokosnoot.jpg

The first touristic place I went early in the morning was Christ the Redeemer, which was really awesome to finally see in real life. I was lucky it was not that busy yet and the weather was also really sunny and no clouds at all. The view from above was amazing to see.


On the way back, there was this church close by which looked like was covered in gold on the inside. It had beautiful paintings hanging on the wall and the sailing as well. Many plant motifs in the style of Baroque engravings which really stood out. It was called São Bento Monastery which was a place of monastic simplicity which was just beautiful.


After I stopped by the Maracanã Stadium, which I could only see the outside but still nice to see. Below you see me with Bellini’s statue which was in front of the stadium.


Not far away was the stadium for the city’s main Carnival parade called, Samabadrome. It was empty now but imagine during Carnival in February, it will be packed with music, dancers, and so many colourful costumes.


After this stop, I headed to the cone-shaped Metropolitan Cathedral, which is a major landmark and a masterpiece of modern art. Walking into it, you could see the colourful windows which were in each corner (four of them total), and it apparently had natural light and ventilation.


One of the places I also wanted to go were the famous stairs, Escadaria Selarón. It was fun to see so many different tiles from different countries. Couldn’t find the Netherlands but found many others.


The last place I went to, was the Sugar Loaf. First I took a cable-car to reach Urca Hill which already had a beautiful view!


Then I took another cable-car to the top of the Sugar Loaf which also had just a beautiful view over Rio de Janeiro. I spend a quite some time there just enjoying the view. For students, make sure to bring your student card with you when you get the ticket, you will get it half the price.


After spending my last day on the beach and just exploring around, I left Rio again and headed back to Viçosa. This trip was just amazing and I will always have good memories to look back on. This will not be my last blogpost, I will have one more to come. Look forward to those! See you next time!

Week 19: Waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu!

Hello everyone! I have been to one of the places that was on my list the moment I arrived in Brazil, yes the waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu. I took a connection flight from Campo Grande to Foz do Iguaçu where we stayed at the Tetris Container Hostel (which I really recommend) for a few days. First we booked a tour to the waterfalls in Argentina through the hostel itself. That made it a lot easier with the stuff at the border and also more comfortable since the guide knew where to go in the park to be sure there are not that many people there. There were also so many animals to see, like small monkeys, nose bears alligator, turtles and different birds. I can say one thing, wow. It was just a beautiful side to see and I could look at it forever.


We also took a boat trip to go under the waterfalls which was really helping us cool down since it was a really warm day. We were soaking wet but it was totally worth it! We saw so many great views of the falls that day and I took so many picture and videos, but seeing it in person is just the best and it will be a great memory.


We also went to the three land mark, where you can see Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina together. We were standing on the Argentina side. It was a nice thing to see how the three countries are so close together.


The next day we took a bus to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. It was a whole different view from this side, but still so beautiful to see. We also walked into the Devils throat which was, well, refreshing. It was a good thing I had a rain coat to cover myself but it was awesome to see!


For the last thing that I wanted to do, was going to the birdpark called “Parque das alves”. I loved walking to it and seeing so many different species around me. We spend a lot of time there looking at all the birds and just enjoying the whole park.


I even got to take a picture with one which I thought was awesome! And then my time in Foz do Iguaçu was already over. I am currently spending the last days of my trip in Rio de Janeiro. See you next week!


Week 18: Few more days in São Paulo & New Years Eve in Bonito!

Hello everyone! At first I wish you guys a Happy New Year! I spend a few more days in São Paulo and I had an amazing time. We went took the bus and subway to go to this big Japanese neighbourhood which had a market, restaurants and lots of cute shops to walk into. We had lunch and looked at all the shops where many cute things were sold.


The final day we went to this huge park called “Parque do Ibirapuera”, where apart from lots of walking, we went to the planetarium which was a really interesting experience to see. The park itself was beautiful and the weather was really nice until it started raining. But we caught an Uber and went to the cinema to finally watch Fantastic Beast and where to find them! I must say, I really loved the movie.


After spending the week touring in São Paulo, which I thank my friend Carolina for, she showed me awesome places and let me stay at her place, I took a plane to Campo Grande to join a group of other friends whom I would go to Bonito with the next day. We spend New Years Eve at this huge party called “Réveillon Bonito de la Musique”, where we had our own private places with drinks and place where we could sit. The view was awesome and there was a small beach close by. I really enjoyed myself and it was a great way to end the year and start the new one!

foto NYE.jpg

The day after we relaxed and explored the city a bit so we would be rested up for the activities the next day! We drove to the place where I went horse riding first. I had a private instructor who helped me and lead the way. It was a great experience and a really beautiful route to walk on.

foto paardrijden.jpg

After we had lunch, we got ready for the snorkelling in the Rio Sucuri. We got a gear on and were brought to this beautiful place to show us, sort of jungle like, where the guide told us about the environment and how it is maintained here. Then we went snorkelling and you were floating in the river and just lead by it. That also was so fun to do and I had a great time with all these people! Paula, thank you for welcoming me in Campo Grande and letting me stay at your house, also all the people of the group I went with, you guys are awesome!

foto snorkelen.JPG

I just arrived in Foz do Iguaçu after two flights and long travelling, but hope you liked It and until next time!

Week 17: Christmas in Castelo & First days in São Paulo

Hello everyone! After enjoying my trip in Vitória, I took a bus to Venda Nova where I would be picked up to head to Castelo. On our way there we stopped to look at the gorgeous view. It was really beautiful to see the whole area with the mountains and nature.


After heading to the farm, we had a simple dinner and went to sleep early since I arrived in the evening. The next day we went to a cave and had a small tour inside with a guide. I never did this before so it was really interesting. You could see little bats hanging and big spiders walking on the side.

Foto grot.jpg

Since the weather was quite warm, I spend some of my time just relaxing in the hammock haha, we went swimming in the river after to cool down. And since it was nearby I went to the top of one the waterfalls which were really nice to see.


Then Christmas eve came, where we had a nice dinner with the Brazilian family I stayed at. And on 1st Christmas day, we had a barbeque with the whole family at the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. It was so nice to have a huge, sweet and loving family around me during the Christmas since I was not able to be with my own family. So I really want to thank the whole family for welcoming me and treating me as part of the family. We played games and had a great time. Going to miss you all! Thank you Guilherme for inviting me over for Christmas and letting me stay with your family!


I took a bus to Rio de Janeiro and from there I flew to São Paulo where I am spending time with my friend Carolina. The first few days were awesome already! We first took the subway to MASP (Museum of Art São Paulo), where there were different levels displaying paintings, different statues and other things. It was really interesting to see so many beautiful paintings, also a few from Dutch painters.

Foto museum.jpg

Then we went to one of my favourite places, it was called ‘Livraria Cultura do Conjunto Nacional’, which is the biggest bookstore in Latin America. It was just amazing since I love reading and there were many English books. So I felt like in heaven and can’t wait to read the books I bought.

Foto library.jpg

After getting a coffee, we headed to the Parque Trianon, which was a beautiful park where we walked around and relaxed. It was nothing like being in a busy, noisy city.


That’s what I have so far, more about São Paulo is coming soon! Hope you like it. I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance and see you in 2017!

Week 16: Trip to Vitória

Hello everyone! This week I took a bus from Viçosa to Vitória to visit my friend Raíssa. I am staying at her house with her lovely family. And the view is beautiful from the balcony.


The first day we and friend of hers went to the beach and the weather was really nice. We just relaxed and enjoyed the sea sounds.

beach first day.jpg

After we went for one of my favourite ice cream here, acai, which is a fruit that you can only find in Brazil. We also had tapioca which I really liked too.


The next day we went on a bike to explore some parts of Vitória. I saw some beautiful places which had a great view. I really enjoyed riding on the bike, since I don’t need one in Viçosa. We also relaxed at the pool close to the building, it really felt like a holiday for me now.


In the evening we went for one of my favourite meals, sushi. The fish was great and apparently not many foreigners come to Vitória, so the waiter was really surprised to hear me speaking in English. It was really funny, since he tried to speak in English to me and got extra ice cream or different sushi just to try. I felt special for a moment haha, anyway I had a great evening and really enjoyed it.


On my last day we went to another beach which was smaller but really beautiful too. I really like to be on the beach again since I won’t be at the beach when I return. It did rain a bit but the temperature was still quite high.


I really want to say thank you to Raíssa and her family for welcoming me here and showing the beautiful Vitória to me. I really enjoyed myself these few days and hope to see you soon again. Muito obrigada por tudo!

I hope you liked this blogpost and look forward to my other ones! More pictures will be put into my album on Facebook. Merry Christmas to everyone in advance, see you next time 🙂

Week 15: Goodbye parties!

Hello everyone! Christmas is coming closer, but the weather is getting warmer. I am working on the final weeks of my internship. We had to say some goodbyes already to people who will go back to their hometown.

We had a small party with some Brazilian friends who we’ve known since coming here in Viçosa. It was really nice meeting you guys and hope to see you before I leave Viçosa!

party thomaz.png

Also we are finishing up our Portuguese class, so we had another international dinner with the people from Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Brazil. I really think the classes did help me understanding more Portuguese even though speaking is still difficult for me to do. To learn a new language, five months is really short for that, but I am happy I followed the classes.last portugese class.jpg

I had to say goodbye to my ambassador last week since he is leaving for his internship in another state of Brazil. Saulo, thank you for everything what you have done! You’re a great ambassador and I hope to welcome you in the Netherlands sometime! Good luck with your internship and your study 😀

with saulo.jpg

The next blogpost will be just before Christmas, but I still found some pictures of the campus in the lovely Christmas style. Hope you liked it and see you next week!

more christmas.jpg